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We currently offer financing through the two national institutions below. Please visit their websites for more information or to apply for financing.

Trailer Sales

Contact us about our wide variety of trailers

We offer a broad variety of horse, livestock, dump, utility and flatbed trailers as well as cargo trailers and pick up beds.

We provide quality products that will endure hard work and use. The main brands we carry are Big Bend, Titan, Circle D, H&H and Hillsboro. The craftsmanship and design of these brands distinguishes them from others. We are confident in these products and know that you will be more than satisfied. However, if there is a different brand you want, we partner with other dealers and can usually find what ever you're after.

We also offer truck beds in a variety of sizes from Bradford Built and Genco. These flat beds are perfect for hauling 4-wheelers, large hay/straw bales or whatever your need.

Finally, if you’re looking for an enclosed trailer, we keep a variety of sizes on hand and are happy to order or find the exact size and specs that meet your need.

Whether you are in the market for a truck bed or new or used trailer, we would appreciate the opportunity to show you our inventory or bid on a new trailer. We pride ourselves on competitive pricing and great service.

Repair and Maintenance Services

Trust your trailer repair to an expert
We now have a full-service shop and offer a broad array of repair services. Whatever your need, give us a call or stop in. We can get you safely back on the road. Wiring: We will ensure that all of your lights are working properly and that your brakes are safe. We can do repairs or install all new wiring. Welding: Whether your aluminum or steel is cracked, your gate is sagging or you have other damage, we can repair or replace what is needed. Brake Repair: If you’re brakes are in need of attention, we offer full replacement, repairs or will order parts for you to fix them yourselves. Bearings: Your bearings should be properly packed with grease at least once a year. We are happy to provide this service to ensure better wear and safe transport.