We offer a variety of different supplies and parts

Supplies & Parts

We supply a wide variety of parts for trailer and Meridian/Friesen Seed Tender repairs.

For trailers, jacks, lights, brakes, equalizers, springs, U-bolts, gate components, bearings, and plug ends, are just of few of the parts we carry. We can order axles and other parts upon request. For smaller parts we don’t have, we can typically get them the next day.

We carry B&W Hitches and can install them for you if needed.

For Seed tenders, switches, belts, pulleys, spouts, auger components, bearings, small engines and parts, throttle cables and rollers are just a few of the parts we regularly stock. Parts we don’t carry typically take 5 business days to ship.

We stock a variety of Jiffy Jack Ramps. These ramps are perfect for flat tire repair for 2 axle trailers. They are simple drive-on ramps that save you from lying on the ground, jacking up the trailer (loaded or empty), and worrying about the load shifting due to livestock movement. Stop in and we’ll show you how they work.

In addition to the parts listed above, we carry Jiffy Jacks:

jiffy_jack_v2The easy way to change a tire on a tandem axle trailer. In the event of a flat, simply ride the good tire up onto the Jiffy Jack and raise the flat tire for an easy, safe and fast change. Jiffy Jacks are so stable that you rarely even need to unload horses or other livestock from trailers to change tires!

A must have for any tandem axle trailer!